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Samstag, 27. August 2016

Neue Helme August 2016

Neue Helme in August

 Andrè`s new custom made helmet

 Reto`s brand new S1000R helmet: For those who race.

Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Life is Racing - Dackelrennen in Rifferswil/ZH

Life is racing....

...everything before and after is just waiting.

Dackelrennen in Rifferswil / ZH

Emil della Val Vezzeno vor seinem ersten Rennen

Rifferswil Dragstrip

Racing veterans

the Race is on...


two teams - one spirit

Team Kraftstoff

Gentlemen, start your engine! 

 wheel spin

 Roaring down the dragway

 Pit crew

 the faster you go, the more friends you`ll lose

 Speed thrills

 race - eat - sleep - repeat.

after the race


top secret race strategy

...if everything is under control, you are not fast enough.

You can not buy happieness, but you can buy a dog and that is pretty close.

Team Rossi

  Newcomer 2017 ...?

 light weight vs.. heavy weight  

Flying over the finish line

It`s all about Racing


 the best dog does not always win the race...